British Gas

British Gas: history and current situation

In this chapter we will quickly go through the main milestones in the history of the world’s oldest energy supplier company’s the British Gas. This company has long worked in the area of the United Kingdom and has its centre in Staines-upon-Thames.

Key dates in the history of British Gas:

1812: The British Empire decided to establish its one and only energy Supplier Company under the name Gas Light and Coke Company. This was in fact the first public utility company in the world and it has been established when King George III was on the throne. The company from then on started to absorb the smaller gas supplier companies up until the point when it became almost a total monopoly for the next 136 years.

1949: GLCC is becoming one of the twelve gas boards. The creation of gas boards was the result of the 1948 Gas Act which was the result of post-war reform. This reform has further merged the smaller gas companies until there remained only 12 gas boards.

1972: thanks to another change in legislation a new Gas Act was also born which merged all the earlier 12 regional gas boards into becoming one which was called the British Gas Corporation. That’s why many count the birth of modern British Gas Corporation from 1972. British Gas was now in full monopoly.

1986: Another gas act has made privatisation possible and this resulted in lots of smaller and larger gas companies creating. The fragmenting starts up pretty fast. Next to British gas, other major players start to emerge which include Centrica, Transco or BG Group.

1997: British Gas is fracturing and one part of it becomes part of the BG Group while its other segment called Gas Sales and Gas Trading, Services and Retail Businesses will soon be transferred to Centrica. Today, the owner of the British Gas company is also Centrica but the company operates having its own brand and management all the same.

Present times: British Gas is still one of the largest players in the electricity market, however as the corporation has seen how much good advertisements count, it has decided on a complete reshaping and re-designing of the business by adding extra services too, in order to stay in competition. The company works throughout the whole area of the country as an energy supplier while the ownership of the electricity tower networks and cables is not theirs: it’s owned by distribution network operators.

British Gas is also actively taking part in brand building activities through active sponsorships and charities. It has been the main sponsor of several sport events and major sport teams such as the Southern Football League of England.

Today, the company provides electricity and further services for over 11 Million homes throughout the whole country. Its services now include maintenance, selling of boilers and heating systems, selling sustainable energy products and many more. The restructured website of the company offers online help, several different energy packages and lots of extras and discounts for its customers.