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Diversification of TESCO store system

Tesco is a British chain of hyper- and supermarkets as of today, it counts as the 5th largest chain of grocery and general merchandise in terms of revenue. While the first Tesco store was started back in 1919, today Tesco has literally thousands of stores of all kind in 12 countries of the world. While originally it was founded as the best option for those who are looking for lower priced goods for the same quality, today Tesco is also selling premium quality products.

Next to selling grocery products, Tesco today has its own chain of petrol stations. Restaurants and it has also started its telecommunications range.

In this chapter we would like to talk a little bit more on the diverse format of stores in which Tesco is selling its goods today.

Today we do not only find Tesco stores in form of a hypermarket. The chain is present in the market with the below types of stores:

Online stores: the online store system with delivery has been working with success in the past few years.