Sky UK extra features and support tools

In this section we would like to give you a broader picture on some of the key support tools provided by Sky to its customers. Sky UK is one of the largest television cable network providers both in the UK and in the world, still having dozens of self distributed channels to its name. Sky is specializing itself in movie and sport channels to which customers get access to either as part of a package or by paying an extra amount monthly.

Internet safety: Sky has its own internet safety system called Sky Broadband Shield powered by the world famous McAffee antivirus software company and it’s supplied with every internet related service or package free of charge. The system acts as a firewall and an antivirus protector and it’s also acts as an anti virus software on any device. The layer or protection can be fully customized with an additional watershed feature which also allows parents to set up age restriction shields for their kids’ devices.

Sky Go: Sky customers can freely access their favourite TV series through Sky Go website and not only can they access and view any of the featured series or programs, they also have the chance to download these. Sky Box Sets, Sky Cinema movies and Kids TV can also be watched online with the help of Sky Go.

Sky Q: this is the so-called wonder-box of Sky provided with all of its TV packages. This is a high profile TV channel manager which helps with the setting up of a recording, to record any programs, to manage TV channels and also to feature programs in multi-screen solution. Viewers can easily categorize any given TV programs in their Top Picks and My Q and this way they will never miss their favourite programs. Sky Q also helps user get further information on programs, related news the times of broadcasting too. This application also enables users to download the programs to any tablet or smartphone too. The quality is guaranteed with the use of Sky Q: it’s ultra HD which is such a high profile format which is only available at Sky so far. In addition every Sky Q comes with an intuitive touchpad called Sky Q touch remove which will make browsing a much greater, simpler and faster experience

Sky Q 2TB Box: if users want the overall experience and have all the programs shared up to 3 TVs then their choice should be the 2TB Box, which is the same as Sky Q only contains some very important improvements, such as the sharing of broadcasting on multiple televisions ( additional Sky Q mini boxes are also required)

Sky broadband devices:

Sky provides its own broadband tools with its internet services. These are also called Sky Hubs which works as a broadband and wireless internet provider in the whole area of a home. The system uses a dual-broadband wireless technology. And if you happen to live in a large house you can extend your WiFi easily with the help of Sky Wireless Booster which was specifically designed for this very reason.

Learn more on Sky’s extra services on the official website of Sky UK.